Ailment: space pixel dungeon

This indie game story takes place on a spaceship in a far-far galaxy. The main character wakes up in a med bay after being unconscious for three days and he sees that all of his crew became enemies. And the last thing he remembers is returning from another spaceship. But when he arrived, everyone on that ship was already dead… He has to remember what happened to him to solve the mystery.

The Ailment has a sci-fi ambiance and old-school retro vibes of pixel art 2d games as well as indie games. Even though you’re in a spacecraft you still get those hardcore dungeon crawler elements as the levels are built in the dungeon-like style.

In this prequel of Ailment, you’re going to fall in love with liveable and talkative characters, their funny jokes, and good humor that breaks a bit this horror and dark ambiance to make you relax and get ready to get into action in the next hardcore battles with infected enemies.

There’s a huge arsenal of guns that you can use to defeat your whole army of these infected zombie-like enemies, to survive, and discover the whole story of disease, and how this infection appeared on this spaceship.

To keep you engaged until the very end this indie adventure game has a good variety of levels with cool mechanics such as tower defense style, runner style, action shooting style, quest style

PVP online multiplayer:
Get guns, change characters’ skins and challenge your friends or player all over the world in the PVP Multiplayer mode, show them what you are worth!


The ailment is an action and adventure game where you have to accompany the main character aboard a mysterious spaceship. This astronaut in particular doesn’t know how he got there or why.

The controls in Ailment are easy to get the hang of. You only have to use a virtual d-pad to move your character. And tap the action buttons to shoot or protect yourself. As you unlock new weapons you can also select them by tapping the corresponding icons.

Two great things about Ailment are the attractive pixelated style and the nicely-designed environments that immerse you in the game’s story. Plus, in the upper part of the interface, you’ll see a map that will help you discover all the mysteries of the ship. Plus, you also have a status bar where you’ll see your health level at all times.

In Ailment, you’ll dive into an action-packed game with dynamic battles. Your skills will be put to the test as you try to beat all the rivals and solve the mystery surrounding your character.

Ailment doesn’t require an internet connection (totally offline), so you can play anywhere: in a bed, at home, on a plane, in a bus, in the metro, in any transport!

In Conclusion on Ailment

So if you are searching for a new 2d game with an interesting and engaging story? Or are you looking for breakneck immersive battles in a pixel dungeon setting? Or maybe your aim is to find something like a roguelike game with a story? If so, then Ailment is the best choice for you!

Or if you’re a hardcore player and a huge fan of entering the dungeon, alien games, pixel dungeon games, fallout, 2d games, indie games, 90s retro games, action shooter or adventure games with roguelike elements, survival games, you need to stop doing whatever you’re doing, download and play Ailment right now! And you’ll have amazing hours of gameplay engaged with this cool story and its twists!


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