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Amazon Music Free provides free access to top playlists and thousands of stations and includes ads.

The entirely free Amazon Music option does not allow you to listen to individual songs on demand. Instead, it provides a more ad-supported streaming radio experience.

Amazon Music also has X-Ray lyrics. This is a cool and useful feature that allows lyrics to scroll along with the song.


Amazon Music streaming has a lot to enjoy about. The platform has rising popularity and intriguing new features, making it a must-have for music uploaders.

Amazon Music is an online music service owned by Amazon. In 2007, the platform gained popularity. And this mentioned music streaming app has since extended its offerings, added subscription options, and enhanced its service. The next stage for a corporation utilized by millions was to conquer music streaming. Imagine what this streaming service will include, knowing how big the corporation is.

What are the Amazon Music features?

You can create as many playlists as you want. If you don’t have time — or just want to try something new — Amazon Music’s specialists have created playlists for practically every activity, mood, and occasion. Thousands to pick from.

Amazon Music’s mobile app has Alexa built-in. With this feature, all music controls can be done with voice commands. The music app’s Alexa can also do other things. For example, you can ask Alexa to operate smart lights like an Echo. Spotify has a “Hey Spotify” feature that lets users search for artists and songs, but it’s not as robust as Alexa.

However, this Music desktop software is quite functional. The Mac interface is unintuitive and unlike the mobile app. For example, the design makes using the listening queue problematic.

The web interface is better and easier to use than the app for listening on a PC. Having a robust desktop app is clearly an advantage for Spotify.

Amazon Music vs Spotify

The music quality, expert music selection, high-quality streaming, song library building, payment options, and integration options are all comparable between Amazon Prime Music and Spotify.

While Spotify is the world’s most popular music service, you should also check this said music streaming app. Both platforms have their own features and pricing.

A lossless listening experience closer to the original recording is offered by this music streaming for no additional charge. Members also do get several wonderful privileges.

Spotify aims to add a lossless audio alternative later this year. Despite this, Spotify has a few advantages over Amazon. Its ad-supported subscription offers more music and control than Amazon’s free plan.

To get your music to Amazon for streaming and sale, use a digital distributor like Music Gateway! Other distributors include Symphonic Distribution and TuneCore. Fee-based distributors like Tunecore and Distrokid, while free distributors such as Music Gateway and UnitedMasters.

Amazon Music’s plans

Unlimited Family, Single Device, and Music Prime are all available for free. Unlike Spotify, Amazon Music’s free option does not allow you to request music. Instead, it’s more like ad-supported streaming radio.

As part of your Prime subscription, you can gain access to an extended music service called Amazon Music Prime. This subscription is ad-free and offers over 2 million songs on demand. To access this streaming whole song library, though, you must pay extra for Music Unlimited.


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