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Kiwi Browser is a browsing app developed to keep one goal in mind: browsing should be safe, fast, and with minimal distractions. The app aims to provide a browsing experience to its users that fits their needs. With these in mind, Kiwi Browser has varied features to live up to its app users’ expectations.

Having ads that pop up out of nowhere lessens the joy of browsing. Kiwi browser has a super-strong pop-ups blocker that works and does its function. It also allows its users to customize this app blocking feature to allow ads on some websites that they do not wish to block. This feature gives their app users a better browsing experience.

In addition, the app lets its users browse and use Facebook without the need to install the app separately. By simply going to, chatting with Facebook friends without having to install the Facebook application has been made possible.

The app also allows custom download folders for easy access to downloaded files and data. Also, the app has other promising features such as its available translation into 60 languages and ability to import / export bookmarks.

One thing that limits this browser is its unavailability to IOS users. The app is only accessible to Android users and can be downloadable in Google Play. The app requires Android 5.0 and up for the app to be downloadable. Currently, the app has 10,000,000+ installations.

The number of available browsers has been rising throughout the years. With internet browsing being a part of our daily lives, choosing a browser that fits our needs is essential. Deciding on the browsers that cater to an individual needs would be difficult. With these, Kiwi browser is for individuals who opt to have a safe, fast and with minimal distractions.

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Kiwi Browser is an Android browser that enables app users to browse the internet at super-fast speeds while not using up too much memory on their device. Their favorite content will be just a few seconds away because of its lightweight interface.

Furthermore, developed using Chromium and Webkit, the app enables the users to browse without losing their habits. The app’s interface will not feel new and unfamiliar because of its interface’s similarity to other top browsers. Also, managing websites that appear on the homepage is easier. This can be done by simply long pressing to move or delete the tiles, click the [+] to add a new website.

In addition, the app is known for its incredible page loading speed. A very optimized rendering engine that the app uses made it possible to browse efficiently. The app maximizes its app users’ browsing experience.

One of the standout features of Kiwi Browser is the ability to add a large number of extensions that other smartphone internet browsers simply do not support. For instance, you’ll be able to install a variety of different ad blockers as well as a grid view on Google Meet. It will be simple to switch to the Kiwi browser because it supports the majority of Chrome desktop extensions.

Another key feature of the app is its Night mode ability. This feature is for individuals who prefer to browse the internet in a dim setting. The app’s night mode feature comes with customizable contrast and grayscale mode. The app provides two night mode. A 100% contrast = pure AMOLED black and 101% contrast = pure AMOLED black + white text is the two choice.




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