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Eat This Much – Meal Planner is a diet app that sends you daily recipes with precise calorie counts. The app has ample features to help you in achieving your desired lifestyle. In a few seconds, you may generate meal plans that adhere to your calorie and macronutrient goals. The nutritional goals can be established with the aim of achieving weight loss, maintaining weight, or developing muscle and/or body mass.

The app helps to adhere to any certain eating style, or develop your own. Users can choose from different forms of diet such as Paleo, Atkins or keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean diets. It helps to eliminate items and dishes from consideration based on allergies and aversions, including those requiring a gluten-free diet.

In addition, the premium version provides a whole week’s worth of meal plans at once, automatically. If you ever didn’t stick to the meal plans, a simple recording of what you have eaten allows you to keep tabs on your consumption. Furthermore, you can adjust the amount of time allotted for the preparation of each meal so that it corresponds with your schedule.


Eat this much is a meal planner app. It aids its users in how much they should eat in a day and how to stick to it. In addition, it’s an app providing daily calorie-controlled recipes. Eat This Much is an automatic meal planner that might help you in sticking to your diet by planning your meals for you. The app needs you to provide them with information regarding your diet goals, the kind of foods that you enjoy eating, your financial constraints, and the nature of your schedule. Then, they will automatically develop a comprehensive meal plan to match your needs. The place is just like having your own personal dietitian by your side.

The majority of calorie trackers need the user to manually enter each item of food into their journal. There is no assurance that they will have achieved even a fraction of the nutritional goals they set for themselves by the end of the day. Keeping track of anything is completely unnecessary while the meal planner because everything is already entered for you. You only need to execute the plan as it is written.

Free accounts are available in addition to paid premium accounts. As a free user, you have the ability to generate a meal plan for a single day and entirely personalize it in any way you see fit. Your nutrition goals can be anything you want them to be, and each meal can have its own unique set of preferences

As a premium user, you will have access to the weekly meal planner. This will enable you to automatically prepare a week’s worth of meal plans. Also, they will have them emailed to you along with a grocery list. This feature is only available to users who purchase the premium version of the app. You will be able to keep track of what you did and did not consume as you proceed through the plans, and if you find that you have deviated from the plans in any way, we will make it simple for you to revise your goals for the following week so that you can remain on track.

Overall, it’s a fantastic app. Recipes tailored to your dietary needs and preferences are available once you input your preferred foods and calorie restriction. Then comes the challenging part. Ingesting the required daily calorie intake of 2,000. All of the recipes must be homemade. Thus, it turned out to be a full-time occupation. It definitely takes dedication and consistency to follow and achieve your goals. Still, it’s an app capable of eliminating the stress of choosing what food to eat.


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