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You can use Google Lens on your phone to identify an object, such as a certain flower, by pointing it at it and then asking Google Assistant what it is. In the event that the object in question is a flower, for example, you will not only be provided with the solution, but also with relevant recommendations, such as local flower shops.

One further example of what Google Lens is capable of is the ability to snap a picture of the SSID sticker that is located on the back of a Wi-Fi router. After you take the image, your phone will immediately join to the Wi-Fi network without requiring any more action on your part. That’s right, you won’t have to crouch down behind the cabinet any more in order to hear the password while you type it in on your phone. Because of Google Lens, taking pictures is as simple as pointing and clicking now.


What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a visual search engine that enables users to search for information. By making use of photographs uploaded to their devices. Users who have Google Assistant installed on their phones only need to aim the camera on their device. In the direction of an object for the app to bring up information that is pertinent to the item that was detected.

This Google app also provides its customers with a broad variety of capabilities. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), which is an acronym for artificial intelligence. These functions include the ability to scan and translate text. Determine the species of plants and animals, and even provide recommendations for businesses. Continue reading to learn more about Google Lens and the ways in which it may assist you with day-to-day tasks and activities.

Also, one of Google’s most significant product launches in 2017. Lens was initially only available on the Google Pixel smartphone when it was first released. Since then, Google Lens has been rolled out to the vast majority of Android smartphones. If you don’t already have it, you may download the app from Google Play if you don’t already have it.

How does Google Lens work?

If you have an Android device and wish to use Google Lens, there is a separate software available from Google that you can download. As will be seen in the following section, there is a plethora of other ways that Google Lens can be accessed.
If you tap the Lens symbol in Google Assistant, you will be sent to the same view that you would receive if you opened the Lens app directly. The experience is the same regardless of whatever path you follow.

Google Photos
Within Google Photos, Google Lens is able to recognize structures such as buildings or landmarks. Providing users with information such as directions and business hours for the identified locations. Additionally, it will be able to provide details regarding a well-known piece of artwork. Perhaps this will finally put an end to the dispute over whether or not the Mona Lisa is smiling.

When you are looking through your photographs in Google Photos. You will notice an icon for Google Lens at the very bottom of the window. Simply tapping on the icon will cause the scanning dots to appear on your photo. And after that, Google will provide you with some suggestions.

Camera app
On some Android smartphones, Google Lens has integrates straight into the camera app that comes preinstalled on the device. It is possible that it is located in the “More” section, however this will change based on the manufacturer and the user interface.


 1. Save Images to Your Camera Roll
When you open Google Lens from within Google Assistant, you will have the option to “Remember this for later.” You can take a picture of a handwritten message, a business card, or a photograph of a business card, and then ask the Lens to remember it for you.

2. Import for Safekeeping
On the screen of Google Lens, there is also the option to import photographs to Google Keep. This is one of the many options that are available. You are able to import anything directly into Google Keep, whether it be a straightforward image, an image including text, or a note written by hand.

3. Text Selection

Whether it’s in Google Keep, Drive, or one of their other apps, Google has absolutely master optical character recognition, also known as OCR. Text recognition and selection are exceptionally good even in Google Lens.

The text selection component of the Lens incorporates into both Google Assistant and Google Photos, and it is capable of recognizing text in all of the most common languages. Once it recognizes the text, all you have to do to copy it is tap on the text you want to copy.

The option to select text from photographs is accessible for all of the images in the gallery that contain text.

4. Include Email Addresses and Contact Information
Google Lens is able to recognize phone numbers and email addresses on the photos thanks to optical character recognition (OCR).

If you point it in the direction of a business card, poster, hoarding, or anything else that contains a number or email id, the Lens will provide you with the relevant options, such as the option to call the phone number, add the number to your contacts, send an email, copy the text, and even the option to share it.

Additional Features

5. Identify Addresses
Google Lens is able to recognize an address, in addition to contacts and email addresses, and provides the user with the option to access the address in Google Maps. You will also be presented with any further information that Google possesses pertaining to that specific address.

The Facebook page or phone number link with that address, for example, will display to you.

6.Find Out Information Regarding Various Works of Literature, Film, and Artwork
Additionally, Google Lens is quite beneficial when it comes to movies and books. If you aim the Lens in the direction of a book cover. It will provide you with further information on the book. It includes ratings, reviews, a brief synopsis, and even a link to the Google Play Store where you can buy the book if it is sold there.

In a similar vein, you are provided with all of the pertinent information regarding movies as well. If it’s an older film, in addition to information on the cast and release date, you’ll also be able to read reviews and ratings of the film.


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