Many times before, I’d spotted Pou on the App Store, with its frightening little poop monster (that’s what he’s called, right?) smiling at me from the Top Paid Apps list, and I was intrigued. Because of how basic the game — and I’m using the term “game” as loosely as possible here — appeared to be, I assumed it had been placed there by mistake the first time I came across it. It’s possible that an app like this would have received some notice during the App Store’s early years, but today?

How? Why? I was desperate to find out, so I forked over the $1.99 and downloaded the program. Now I understand what you’re saying. It all makes sense now. After all, it turns out you’re all total and utter morons, which explains why it’s been at the top of the charts for months.

If you haven’t tried Pou before — and no, I’m not telling you to download it, so don’t even think about it — it’s essentially a Tamagotchi for your iPhone, if you haven’t heard of it before. It’s a small “alien” that poops and whines and necessitates your attention every now and then to keep from collapsing and succumbing to the ground. Great.


Pou, in addition to the iOS and Android platforms, Pou is also accessible on the Blackberry OS platform. Pou was created by Paul Salameh and is currently available on the Google Play store. A cute round extraterrestrial character named Pou is the focus of this virtual pet game. He has a variety of demands, including the need to eat, shower, exercise, play, and sleep. App  Pou may be customized in the same way that most other pet games allow you to do. By dressing him up, picking his foods, sprucing up his room, and changing his decor.

This app, Pou boasts vivid graphics, albeit they are not equal to those found in higher-end games. And it exudes the kind of upbeat energy that you’d expect from a game about pets. Tamagotchi, a small handheld device that included a little pet,. Has an uncanny resemblance to the item in question. This  Pou also reminds me of the Pet Society game on Facebook. In which you take care of your pet while simultaneously playing with the pets of other players.

Pou is a bubbly triangular extraterrestrial that requires frequent attention in order to stay in good condition. App Pou’s health deteriorates when you do not attend to his needs. You will see that the food meter (which is represented by a chicken icon). Starts to turn yellow if you do not properly feed him. In this case, the plus icon represents his physical health. While the small Pou icon represents his amount of enjoyment in life. The lightning emblem represents the amount of energy your pet has.


Wide Variety of Mini-Games

Mini-games make Pou a far more enjoyable game to play as a result of their inclusion. You may use your coin winnings to purchase goods from the shop. And customize the appearance of your pet the more you play games. The more you play, the more coins you earn. The longer time you spend playing, the more coins you will earn. But best thing is that earning coins is really simple. You can quickly make thousands of coins in a short period of time. Plus accumulate far more than you will ever require in your lifetime. If you work hard and play smart.

More to the point, if you spend enough time with your pet engaging in game play,. He will steadily increase in size until he reaches the size of an adult human. Aside from that, the possibility to gain awards. And obtain other special items will be available as well.

From concentration and leaping games to color-matching and food-catching activities. The mini-game collection has something to offer for everyone. There are other games in the manner of puzzles and arcades available among the selection. Mini-games are extremely amusing in general. Especially for youngsters under the age of 10. And are particularly suitable for younger children.


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