Sky Force Reloaded: Level Up

Sky Force Reloaded has a unique design. Grinding for levels is more important than the ability to weave through a sea of gunfire in order to advance.

In part because I didn’t expect a non-repeatable intro portion would play out the moment I started the game. Diving into it felt a little like being thrown into a lake and instructed to learn to swim on my own. Nonetheless, with years of shooting knowledge under my fingertips, I was up to the task.

After not getting very far into the first stage, a “hanger” option on the main menu grabbed my attention. And I began to realize my first set of objectives. You can improve your main cannon and health by collecting stars dropped by defeated enemies. Also, add crates or other destroyed background objects, as well as secondary wing cannons and homing missiles. Unlock three manual-activation bonus tools: a focused laser, an energy shield, and a screen-clearing bomb.

Shooters have long been constructed around the concept of upgrading and adding additional armament and options. Sky Force Reloaded’s thorough dive into that concept sets it apart from the majority of other games in the category. Rather than attempting a one-credit run. You treat each of the game’s various stages as something you’ll return to over and over for personal progress.

In reality, Sky Force Reloaded’s commitment to provide players with a diverse range of activities. Also, the ability to engage while playing each stage is by far its strongest feature.

You may find ship parts to unlock new planes and perform overall objectives to gain Technicians. Selectable crew members who will give you perks like increasing the number of stars. In a stage or allowing you to take a little damage without losing the “no hit” feature.

Unfortunately, the feature that distinguishes Sky Force Reloaded from its competitors. It is also the feature that ultimately detracts from it.


Sky Force Reloaded captures the spirit of vintage arcade shooters with updated graphics and design. The latest installment in the series will keep you engaged. With all of the features that you’ve come to expect from scrolling shooters. Meaty explosions, incinerating lasers, collosal bosses, and a variety of aircraft to pilot are all on the menu.

The first game in the series, Sky Force, was released in 2004 for Symbian and Pocket PC. And was later converted to Palm webOS (2005), iOS (2009), and Android (2010). The series’ first installment was a 2D sprite-based game.

The second series, Sky Force Reloaded, was first launched in 2006 for Symbian. Pocket PC and Palm webOS, and was later ported to iOS, Android, and PSP (2011). “Sky Force Reloaded” was just known as “Sky Force” on the PSP. The first game’s 2D graphics were blended with certain 3D polygon features, such as destructible towers. It was remade for mobile in 2016, then versions for PC, PlayStation 4. Also Xbox One were released in 2017, as well as a Nintendo Switch version in 2018. In 2021, a version for Tesla vehicles was launched.

The gameplay follows in the footsteps of classics like Raiden and 1942, with players doing little more than holding down. The fire button while weaving among combatants and projectiles.

Sky Force Reloaded The Playing Cards

In Sky Force Reloaded, the cards make a comeback. There are two types of cards this time: timed and unlimited. Under each category, I’ll explain what it means. Cards are only gathered if you reach the end of the level or complete it. You lose the card if you die.

Collectible cards occur at random as well; some activate immediately, giving the player 15-minute bonuses such as a faster maximum fire rate or a more powerful megabomb. Other cards provide permanent benefits. Such as a fortunate shield that activates after you are hit or a support drone that follows you about. Collecting the cards is another enjoyable feature of the game that can only be accomplished by investing time.

Note that cards for certain abilities only emerge after you’ve acquired the appropriate ship upgrade. The mega-bomb, laser, and shield increased power/dispenser cards, for example, will not appear until you have mastered those abilities.



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