ClassDojo is an online platform for collaboration and sharing that serves as an effective link between the classroom and the home. During the course of the school day, teachers are able to keep parents and other caregivers up to date with images, videos, and other forms of content.

Teachers, for instance, are able to share images from field trips and send students vital reminders directly through the app. After that, a parent is able to check in on what their child is doing, pose questions, and do other things.


What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a digital platform with a catchy name that aims to link instructors, students, and families both within and outside of the traditional classroom. This is accomplished through the use of a feed of photographs and videos as well as messaging.

Providing a live photo and video feed from the classroom to the parents and guardians of the students is common practice these days and by no means a one-of-a-kind offering. However, the message component is rather less common. ClassDojo distinguishes itself from competitors by providing an adequate messaging service. That incorporates in-built translation for as many as 35 languages and a rating system for tracking individual students’ levels of achievement.

Because there are no fees associated with using ClassDojo. Educational institutions and instructors never have to worry about being charged for using the platform. ClassDojo also enables educators to collaborate and share ideas about student work and classroom instruction. It is an excellent choice at a time when remote and hybrid learning is still being welcomed on a larger scale. Which can occasionally cause students who aren’t physically present in the classroom to feel isolated and left out.

Digital Sharing Platform

ClassDojo is a digital sharing platform that enables teachers to capture the day in class and share that with families via a web browser. This makes it possible for practically any device, from a simple smartphone to a laptop computer, to view the content. Photos and movies can be watch on any device as long as it has a web browser.

ClassDojo’s messaging tool is another one of its many selling points because it enables parents and teachers to engage with one another through the posting of comments on photographs and videos as well as through direct chat. The translation service that is available in more than 35 languages is an excellent tool for educators since it enables them to enter content in their mother tongue and then have all parents and guardians read it in their own language.

ClassDojo enables educators to collaborate with their classes from a remote location, enabling them to do things like distribute assignments, exchange lessons, and give students with activities. Dojo Points can be awarded to students based on their behavior, and teachers can utilize this feature to motivate students to exhibit appropriate conduct.

How does ClassDojo work?

ClassDojo allows teachers to use their smartphones or tablets to shoot images and videos in the classroom. Which they can then share with their students via the app. This might be a picture of a piece of work that has been finished and graded. A video of a student discussing an assignment, or even a hypothesis that has been formulated for a science experiment.

Teachers send pupils films, quizzes, pictures, and drawings as homework. After students send in their work, the instructor must approve it before it’s upload to their profile and make visible to family. The student’s performance on these tasks is then track from grade to grade to show overall growth.

ClassDojo can also utilize in the context of the classroom. This is where it can be use to assign positive values to the class as well as areas that want improvement. A student, for instance, might receive a favorable comment such as “excellent teamwork,” but they might also give a “needs work” notice for, say, not completing their homework.

Based on student behavior, the teacher can award one to five points. Negative behavior might result in -1 to -5 points, depending on severity. Each student is then given a score to use as a benchmark. It also delivers a score that teachers and parents may view at a glance to track a child’s progress.

Teachers can manually enter student names or import them from Microsoft Word or Excel files. After then, each student profile gets a unique monster cartoon figure, picked at random. Teachers can then print and distribute invitations or email or text them with a joining code.


ClassDojo is a platform that is very easy to use. The teacher page has three parts: Classroom, Class Story, and Messages.

The first, called Classroom, lets teachers keep track of both class points and each student’s points and make reports. Teachers can dig into the data here and look at things like the attendance report or the behavior of the whole class. Then, they can sort the results by time and look at any of them in a data donut or spreadsheet.

Parents and guardians can see what’s going on in class when teachers post pictures, videos, and messages on Class Story.

Messages lets the teacher talk to the whole class, an individual student, or a parent directly. These can be sent as an email or a message in the app, and parents can choose which way they want to be contacted.

The family can use the website or the iOS and Android apps to get in. They can also look at the data donut, which shows how a child’s behavior has changed over time, as well as the Class Story and Messages. They can also see more than one student’s account, which is great for families whose kids go to the same school.

Students can get in through the website, where they can look at their monster profile. And see their score based on how many points they got or lost. They can see how they’re doing over time, but they can’t see how other students are doing. This isn’t a competition with other students, but with themselves.

ClassDojo’s teacher benefits

  • Privately message parents. Using the communication option, teachers can privately update or concern parents.
  • One tool sends reminders and updates. ClassDojo replaces newsletters and websites. Instead, teachers can send app-based updates and reminders.
  • Toolkit provides instructional resources. ClassDojo is a feature-rich toolbox. The Loudness Meter can help teachers visualize and regulate classroom noise. They can also use the timer to limit assignments.
  • Kids are competitive; offer points for good behavior. Teachers can award points for helping others and completing classroom duties.


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