Subway Surfers

In many aspects, Subway Surfers is similar to Temple Run, but with important tweaks that make the game a lot more fun.
In the game, you sprint along a set of subway tracks, collecting coins and other power-ups along the way while avoiding obstacles like genuine trains, lamp posts, wooden barricades, tunnels, and more. You can move your character between the three vertical tracks by swiping left or right on the screen. Awesome controls always help.
Power-ups are a fun way to boost your score. Conversely, Sneakers and Multipliers (temporary boosts that increase your running speed or score) earn you very little extra money and may put you in danger while attempting to obtain them. You can also do missions to get more coins.
These and other one-time use devices like the hoverboard can be upgraded with cash earned while playing. Yes, you can buy coins with real money if you want, but you can earn them quickly enough on your own. The possibility to spend real money on coins is a nice bonus, but it should be standard on iOS by now.
Surfers is not only entertaining but also technically sound. The characters are cute, the environments are bright and vibrant, and the animation is smooth.
Surfers isn’t groundbreaking, but it does grow and evolve the endless runner genre. You may think you’ve had enough of these games, but a dose of Subway Surfers can make you reconsider.


Subway Surfers is a single-player mobile gaming app and website. The goal is to outrun a railroad inspector while avoiding incoming trains, barriers, and other obstacles. Players can gain benefits such as hover boards and high scores by collecting coins along the way.
Advertising is present in the game, and in-app purchases are available.

Kiloo and SYBO Games, both located in Denmark, collaborated on Subway Surfers, an endless runner smartphone game. It uses the Unity game engine and is accessible for Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone. Players assume the roles of youthful graffiti artists who, after being discovered “marking” a metro railway site. Flee through the railroad tracks to avoid the inspector and his dog. While running, they collect gold coins and power-ups. And other items while avoiding collisions with trains and other objects. They can also jump on top of trains and surf with hoverboards to avoid capture. Until the character collides with an obstacle, is caught by the inspector, or is hit by a train. At which point the game is over. The Weekly Hunt, for example, can result in in-game awards and characters.


The video game Subway Surfers is an endless runner. The game begins by tapping the touchscreen as Jake (the game’s initial character) or any other player paints graffiti. On a subway and is then apprehended by the inspector and his dog, who chases the character down. To avoid colliding with impending obstacles such as moving subways, poles, tunnel walls and also barricades. The player can swipe up, down, left, or right while sprinting. More points can be earned by swiping quickly as the speed increases.

A crash ends the game, although the player can keep running by pressing keys. Coins, keys, score multipliers, super shoes, jetpacks, magnets, mystery boxes. And power jumps are among the goods that the player can gather. A power jumper provides combustion by launching the character into the air, and a jetpack has the potential to fly. Other items include a coin magnet that draws all coins on the track. Super sneakers that allow the player to jump higher, and a score multiplier that increases the score. A hoverboard, for example, allows the character to avoid collisions for up to 30 seconds.


Daily Challenges and Weekly Hunts reward players for making distinctive moves throughout the game. The player must collect letters that make up a word linked to the game, such as “scoring” and “jumping.” In daily challenges, often known as “word hunts.” Various tasks in missions are graded based on the player’s accuracy. Coins, keys, in-game purchases, collecting specified things. And linking to a Facebook account can all be used to unlock up to 18 characters. The majority of characters can wear up to two distinct clothes. Meanwhile, the same tactics can be used to unlock up to 17 hoverboards. Each has unique attributes that can help the player. A new character and hoverboard will be available until the next update when the game updates to a new area.

How do people use Subway Surfers?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use gaming apps like Subway Surfers.

Is there a risk of cyberbullying or online abuse?

No, Subway Surfers is a single-player game, which means you won’t be interacting with anyone else while playing.


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