What is Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Activision for Android and iOS. The game was released on 1 October 2019. It was one of the largest mobile game launches in history, generating over US$480 million with 270 million downloads within a year. Call of Duty: Mobile was published in other regions by Garena, Tencent Games, VNG Games and TiMi Studio Group.

Players can choose to play ranked or non-ranked matches in multiplayer mode. It has two types of in-game currencies: “Credits”, which are earned through playing the game, and “COD Points”, which have to be bought with real world money. It is possible to play the full game without paying, though some exclusive character and weapon skins can only be bought with COD Points. Apart from standard matchmaking, a private room for both the multiplayer and battle royale modes can also be accessed where players can invite and battle with just their in-game friends.

The multiplayer mode is the basic first person shooter, similar to previous Call of Duty games on other platforms along with old maps. The core game modes include Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free for All, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, etc. The game also has “Scorestreaks”, which are special weapons that are available as the player reaches certain times and points. Additionally, the game features special and limited multiplayer modes that may last for days, weeks, or a whole game season. These include: Prop HuntRapid FireSticks and Stones, 2v2, Capture the Flag, One Shot One Kill, Snipers Only, and Gun Game, and the attack of the undead among others.

The game also includes battle royale modes featuring up to 100 players. A player can choose to play alone, on a two-man team, or in a four-man squad. At the start of a game, all players choose an ability from healing to making a launch pad. Once all 100 people are ready, they get aboard a plane that flies in a straight line over the map. This flight path changes every game. Every team is automatically given a jump leader who decides when and where the team will land. At the beginning of the game, each player carries only a knife. The map has weapons, vehicles, and items which players can find and use to improve their chances of killing enemies while staying alive themselves. The safe zone on the map shrinks as the game progresses, with players who remain outside the zone being killed. A player or team wins the game if they are the last one remaining.

A Zombies mode was added in November 2019. It placed teams of players against zombies that attacked in waves. It was playable in Endless Survival Mode, which ran like the classic zombie experience, and Raid Mode, which threw a set number of waves at the players before transitioning to a boss encounter. The players could choose whether to play it on Normal or Heroic difficulty. The mode was removed in March 2020 because it didn’t become popular with its users. Undead Siege, a zombie survival mode, was added into the game in August 2021. 


Call of Duty, what do I think about this video game that’s been famous for some time now.


Here is what I think, About Call of Duty

This game earns its Mature rating with violence, gore, profanity, and intense scenes. Although not intense, like sex, drugs, drinking, and smoking.

Yes, and I am not judging this one as being too violent. Just that it is really about as violent as it could get, especially among players.

Although there is violence in the game, and there’s a fair amount of blood splatter and other graphic violence on-screen. The game includes an option for online voice chat between teammates.

Which could expose younger players to potentially offensive or toxic conversations and language. Though players can progress and earn rewards through basic gameplay.

The game does feature a number of items available for purchase via the in-game store.

This game is basically a competitive stage for players to showcase their skill in gaming and reach the pinnacle in the competitive scene.

Call of Duty Mobile looks great – again, relatively speaking. The environments, guns, and soldiers are all full of surprising details with character models that don’t look pared down for mobile, and plenty of bits of debris all over the environment

The battle royale mode is definitely the most impressive element of Call of Duty

This battle royale may have a smaller map with shorter matches compared to its peers, but still produces the exciting stories I expect from the genre despite that, which impressed me.

The other more traditional Call of Duty multiplayer modes is fun but familiar.

Team Deathmatch is straightforward, Domination is all about capturing specific zones.  Search and Destroy is the most tactical as it has you setting and disarming bombs. All of which all you to practice against A.I. opponents.

I had the most fun with Frontline, which is a variation on Team Deathmatch that has you spawning from your team’s base after every death. It plays like a comfortable, familiar Call of Duty.

And having it available on my phone to dive into a match every now and then has been enough to convince me I should keep the game installed.



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