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The Best Sleep Apps 2022

Using the best sleep apps has been common nowadays because having the best sleep the night before has been a conscious effort for people nowadays. A good night’s sleep provides various surprising benefits. Some benefits of best sleep include a stronger immune system, a healthier heart, and a better mood.  A lot of people are now using apps to aid them in having a good night’s sleep.

The most effective sleep apps demonstrate that knowledge is power. By collecting information about how and when you sleep, you can use this information to reduce your tossing and turning.

However, sleep apps do more than record data. Some offer calming sounds and music to aid in falling asleep. Others comprise an assortment of meditation and mental health features. And some even promise to help you wake up each morning at the optimal time.

It is simple to comprehend why the most effective sleep apps are so appealing. The majority of us require eight hours of sleep, but the majority of us are not getting even close. Therefore, anything an app can do to help us determine why we’re not sleeping is a positive step forward.

There are numerous ways to improve your sleep, ranging from researching the best mattresses to evaluating the best-weighted blankets. However, a sleep app may also be useful, particularly when paired with the best smartwatches and fitness trackers for more accurate monitoring of sleep patterns.

Here are the top sleep apps you should consider:


SleepScore, the most sophisticated sleep tracker on this list, uses sonar technology to measure sleep habits from your nightstand. ResMed, the creator of SleepScore, has spent over a decade researching sleep in order to provide expert advice and sleep insights. The app sends sonar waves from your phone to measure your breathing and any sounds, enabling it to track light, deep, and REM sleep and determine when you awaken at night. The app calculates a sleep score to assign an objective number to your sleep quality in order to facilitate the setting of sleep-related goals. To use the sonar technology, you must keep your phone plugged in, above your mattress, and pointed toward you (which may not be possible depending on your bedroom setup).

SleepScore is compatible with both iOS and Android. This app’s free version includes a variety of features. This includes sleep tracking, intelligent alarms, goal setting, light and sound monitoring, bedtime reminders, sleep scores, and a seven-day sleep history. After a one-week free trial, the cost of SleepScore premium is $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year. This premium membership grants you access to unlimited sleep history tracking, charts to visualize your sleep patterns, sleep coaching, and a doctor’s report highlighting sleep issues that you can discuss with your physician. SleepScore has all the features necessary to fully comprehend your sleep patterns.

Sleep core app
Sleep score app


The BetterSleep application, formerly known as Relax Melodies. It provides an extensive library of sleep-inducing sounds and noises, as well as additional programs to help you unwind before bedtime. The user can choose to play standard white noise. The app also includes “binaural beats” that are designed to reduce anxiety and stress by playing slightly different frequencies in each ear. Additionally, the app offers nature sounds. These include ocean waves, precipitation, and wind.

BetterSleep is child-friendly due to its collection of bedtime stories intended to help children fall asleep and remain asleep. The app contains a number of guided meditation and controlled breathing programs for adults. It includes options for those with tinnitus and those who wish to experience lucid dreams. SleepMoves is designed to help users wind down with pre-bedtime exercises; whereas Sleep Hypnosis uses soothing sounds and guided breathing to help you relax.

There is a 7-day trial available to all new customers. After the trial period concludes, BetterSleep charges a $60 annual subscription fee. The application is compatible with iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and Apple TV devices.

Best Sleep Apps: BetterSleep

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle uses a scientific approach to rouse you after a restful night’s sleep. Using your smartphone’s accelerometer and other sensors to record your sleeping habits, the free application employs sleep cycle theory to wake you at the optimal time, ensuring that you’re getting adequate rest.

Users set a window of time (for example, 30 minutes) instead of a traditional alarm time, and when the app determines that your sleep movement is optimal, the alarm will sound. In addition to the intelligent alarm, Sleep Cycle logs your sleeping patterns to track the quality of your sleep over time.

Sleep Cycle’s free version collects sleep statistics, offers sleep analysis, and integrates with Apple Health (for your iPhone users, at least). For $29.99 per year, you can purchase the premium version of Sleep Cycle, which includes a customizable wake-up window, sleep aids such as stories and sounds, more detailed sleep trends and comparison data, and even weather information so you can track how the weather affects your sleep.

Best Sleep Apps: Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle


The app Pillow uses the sensors on your iPhone or Apple Watch to monitor the duration and quality of your sleep. Pillow can provide sleep stage breakdowns, including REM and deep sleep, as well as heart rate recording and sleep quality assessment, based on the data it collects. As an iOS app, this naturally integrates with Apple’s Health app.

A smart alarm feature in Pillow allows the application to gently awaken you at the optimal time based on your sleep activity and the time you set.

A monthly fee of $6.99 unlocks additional tracking features, such as the ability to export your sleep sound recordings, detailed sleep statistics tracking over time, and a power nap mode for shorter periods of sleep.

Pillow App


PrimeNap is a free sleep tracker that will track your sleep. It provides you with useful data and charts that analyze your sleep length and quality. Like other sleep apps, it records your sleep based on movement. It can be used for nighttime sleep and mid-day naps. It includes some unique features such as smart alarms, a dream journal, and sleep sounds to play while you rest.

The app is available on Android and has many of the features found in more expensive apps. We liked that it can be used in airplane mode. Also, it offers you detailed data on how long you spend in different sleep cycles. You can also export your data to share with others. The app is designed to show you sleep patterns to help you improve your sleep and identify where problems lie. 

Reviews online state that smart alarms can be confusing and aren’t always accurate. This app is relatively new and is rated 3.7 out of 5 on Google Play. It does not automatically track your sleep, so you must remember to turn it on and off for accurate measurements. Overall, PrimeNap is a great free Android app for those looking to analyze their sleep.


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